Our Mission

At Politis, our mission is to offer academic rigour and operational experience to local government.

About us

“This City is what it is because our citizens are what they are”, Plato, Greek philosopher

the flame first lit here in Athens never died, President Obama on the Greek origins of Democracy, 2017

These ideas are the basis of our philosophy.

With Ancient Greece being the birthplace of democracy, we have taken this melting pot of ideology as our inspiration.

Our name, Politis, comes from the Ancient Greek word “πολῑ́της”, or in Modern Greek “πολίτης”, which translates to “citizen”.

In Ancient Greek, the word “πολῑ́της” originates from “πόλις”, meaning “city” and the masculine adjectival suffix “-της”.

At Politis, as our name also suggests, we put the citizen at the centre of all we do. 

Some of our recent work includes:

Locum Chief Executive Officer services to Thorpe St Andrew Town Council.

We provided a range of services from strategic oversight to project management. We also provided specialised support for lease negotiations and defending legal challenges. 

Here is what they had to say:

Historic Deal on Broads Riverbed



Project Management for Broadland District Council. Managing a regulatory project under the Building Act 1984.

Managing the Governance workstream for the creation of a joint venture company between six public bodies. 

Providing advice on powers and options for the transfer of a closed churchyard under Local Government Act 172 s.215

Featured in the SLCC Magazine for a workshop entitled ‘think BIG, think POSITIVE’

Our values

Leadership: We develop strategies to help you enhance the way the Council operates, and inspire, motivate, and empower people to do their best.

Inclusivity: We understand that local communities are very diverse. Therefore, our support will allow your council to provide equal access and opportunities to your citizens and allow everyone to live in an environment of trust and respect.

Openness and transparency: Our advice will help you ensure that your actions are characterised by openness, and promote efficiency and effectiveness, and also transparency, which will promote democratic accountability.

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